Devil May Cry 5 Releases Next Year on March 8

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Throughout the Inside Xbox live Flow from Gamescom at Cologne, Germany, Capcom revealed That the release date for the upcoming Devil May Cry 5.

Alongside a new trailer which showcased a ton of new gameplay, it had been revealed that Devil May Cry 5 will start in ancient 2019 on March 8. In addition to coming on Xbox One, it’ll also be arriving to PS4 and PC on exactly the exact identical day.

As for the brand new trailer which revealed the launch date, it mostly concentrates on gameplay footage showcasing Nero beating the living snot out of a great deal of unique enemies. In addition, we observe the arrival of Dante once again near the trailer’s finish and he divide his motorcycle in half and starts beating up people with it. Look, ” I ’ve never played a Devil May Cry game but I certainly feel I’ll be altering that sooner rather than later today.

The latest preview for Devil May Cry V can be located below, courtesy of MKIceAndFire. As for when we could expect to watch Devil May Cry 5 look again next, the developer’s teased on stream that they’ll be revealing at Tokyo Game Show.

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