New Fallout 76 Trailer Shows how Player-Built Bases will Persist Post-Nuke

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Base building will be a major portion of the Fallout 76 gameplay and it’s important for some players to understand that a well positioned Fat Man won’t wreck it and waste their own time. A brand new animated trailer for Fallout 76–unveiled Microsoft’s Gamescom conference–details the practice of restoring your base.

Instead of having to start over from scratch, the game’s construction and assembly mobile platform (or even C.A.M.P. for short) will allow players to place their saved base wherever they need for some caps. This is important because Bethesda has stated previously that players will have the ability to unlock the ability to nuke an entire region of the map. So when your neighborhood gets irradiated, you’ll be in a position to begin someplace new.

Although the info presented at the trailer isn’t new, the animation is and supplies that timeless Fallout comedy to the notions of capitalism and survival. You may take a look in its entirety below.

In other Fallout news, Microsoft announced a new Xbox One bundles for the game which you may check out here.

Fallout 76 will release on PC, Xbox One, also PS4 on November 14. The beta will launch initial on the Xbox One and also you are able to get into it from preordering the game via Amazon here.

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